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Airbus Flight Academy Europe is located in Champniers (Angoulême agglomeration, Charente) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus.

Created in 2006 at Cognac air base, Airbus Flight Academy Europe provides training facilities and services to the Air Force and Navy flight schools for the basic and advanced training of military pilots at the bases of : Avord, Cognac, Lann-Bihoué, Lanvéoc and Salon de Provence, Saintes and Romorantin.

In 2019, the company decided to deploy its own ab-initio pilot training capability at Champniers. Airbus Flight Academy Europe offers an integrated Airline Transport Pilot training based on the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme.

Since its creation, Airbus Flight Academy Europe has delivered over 525 000 flight hours and 131 000 simulator hours. To support its activities, the company maintains more than 100 aircraft on a daily basis.