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Airbus Flight Academy Europe delivers the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme in Angoulême-France as part of the Airbus Training network.

Developed in cooperation with ENAC, the Airbus programme provides an integrated Airline Transport Pilot (ATPi) in harmonious curriculum from day one to the end of the course. In particular, it fully incorporates Competency-Based Training & Assessment (CBTA) to produce “operationally-ready” pilots.

Training Programme

Ground school/Theoretical training (13 EASA ground examinations):

  • 800h+ theoretical ATPL classroom training with expert theoretical knowledge instructors
  • Access to an e-ATPL for theoretical studies
  • Based on Knowledge, Skills & Attitude principles
  • Competency-based Training & Assessment programme

Flight training :

  • 228 hours of practical training
  • Single Engine training fully performed on Cirrus SR20 (G1000) and Elixir (Dual G3X)
  • Multi Engine training fully performed on Diamond DA-42 VI
  • Simulator: FNPT II ALSIM AL42

Course location

  • The Core phase (including Pilot confirmation), the ATPL theory classroom training, the ATPL theory classroom training & the CPL/IR/ME (ground & flight training) – performed at Airbus Flight Academy Europe in Angoulême, South West of France ;
  • The JOC/MCC programmes – performed in an EASA approved Airbus Training Centre.

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  • Min 18 years of age
  • High School diploma (including Mathematics)
  • English equivalent to ICAO:
    • 1. Level 3 – minimum ICAO
    • 2. Level 4 pre type rating
  • Medical Class 1 (only required after completion of on-site Assessment)

Screening process

Required equipment: Computer/laptop with internet access, keyboard and mouse, audio headphones
Location: Anywhere (not on-site)
Fee: 40 dollars (to be paid online with a VISA card)
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Candidates who pass the Online Assessment will then be invited to an on-site Assessment which includes:

  • Aptitude test :
    • Eye/hand/foot coordination / eye-hand coordination /Short term memory/Mental arithmetic (Maths) /Orientation /Multi-tasking /Mental agility/English assessment, verbal reasoning, Physics technical test
  • Personality test :
    • Group exercises and individual interview: Successful candidates will then undergo group exercises and an interview to ascertain their motivation and further assess English level
  • Simulator assessment :
    • Demonstrate ability to progress in a new environment
    • Workload management
    • Situation awareness
    • Visual scan & coordination
    • Mathematics (mental arithmetic)

Equipment: Provided
Location: Angoulême – France
Fee: 300 € to be paid via bank transfer one week before the on-site assessment

Applicant who pass the onsite screening are invited to join the Airbus Flight Academy Europe as Cadet. The course starts with the core course preceding the Pilot Confirmation Assessment.

After about 60 hours of technical knowledge classroom training and 18 training flight hours performed in our flight school in Angoulême on Elixir, the last flight hour is an in-flight evaluation.

At the end of this phase Cadet has a prognostic for his/her potential success.

Equipment: Provided
Location: Angoulême – France

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Why choose Airbus Flight Academy Europe?

  • We deliver the initial phase of the EASA approved Airbus Pilot Cadet Training programme.
  • Our modern aircraft fleet comprises both single (Cirrus SR20 and Elixir) and multi-engine aircraft (Diamond DA42 VI) with the latest full glass cockpit technology.
  • Our instructors are training experts, selected among the best and standardized to Airbus training methods.
  • The Angoulême flight school benefits from a large airspace whilst having the benefit of being located near to other airports to enhance your training experience diversity.
  • Angoulême is a charming city, close to Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Atlantic Ocean and 1h50 minutes to Paris by high speed train. Cost of living is moderate and you will enjoy the Charente and Aquitaine Region.


Cirrus SR20

  • Passengers: 3 (+1 pilot)
  • Wing span : 12m
  • Payload : 400kg
  • Cruise speed: 120 Kts TAS
  • Maxi flight speed: 150 Kts TAS
  • Maxi flight altitude: 17 500 ft
  • Aircraft engine type : 1
  • Power: 200 ch
  • Avionic : Garmin 1000 perspective
Avion de l(école de pilotage Airbus Flight Academy

Diamond DA42 VI NG

  • Passengers: 3 (+1 pilot)
  • Wing span: 13,55 m (with ACL)
  • Payload :  500kg
  • Cruise speed: 325 km/h
  • Maxi flight speed: 348 km/h
  • Maxi flight altitude: 18 000 ft
  • Aircraft engine type : piston o Motorisation: 2 x austro
  • Power: 2 x 168 ch
  • Avionic : Garmin 1000 NXi

Grob 120

  • Passengers : 1 + (1 pilot)
  • Wing span : 33.43 ft
  • Payload : 400 Kg
  • Cruise speed : 150 Kts TAS
  • Maxi flight speed : 165 TAS
  • Maxi flight altitude : 18 000ft
  • Aircraft engine type : LYCOMING AEIO-540-D4D5
  • Power : 260 HP à 2700 RPM
  • Avionic : 2 Garmin GTN 650Xi + 2 EHSI (RMI) + 1 EDM (Engine Data Management)

Elixir Aircraft

  • Passengers: 1 (+1 pilot)
  • Wing span: 8,48m
  • Payload :  280kg
  • Cruise speed: 220 km/h
  • Max. flight speed: 315 km/h
  • Max. flight altitude: 13 000 feet
  • Aircraft engine type : Rotax 912iSc
  • Power: 100 HP
  • Avionic: Garmin G3X
  • Consumption: btw 10 and 15L/h (2.63 – 3.95 US gal/h).