Airbus Flight Academy Europe
Base Aérienne 709 16100 Cognac
N°TVA : 60449370170
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  • Airbus Flight Academy is partner of the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme.
  • We deliver the initial phase of the EASA approved Airbus Pilot Cadet Training programme.
  • Our modern aircraft fleet comprises both single (Cirrus SR20) and multi-engine aircraft (Diamond DA42 VI) with the latest full glass cockpit technology (G1000).
  • Our instructors are training experts, selected among the best and standardized to Airbus training methods.
  • The Angoulême flight school benefits from a large airspace whilst having the benefit of being located near to other airports to enhance your training experience diversity.
  • Airbus Flight Academy has partnerships with some banks to facilitate your course financing with a delayed refunding plan. Unfortunately, for the time being, this option is not open to cadets not living in France permanently.

These banks are :

1) Crédit Agricole Charente-Périgord :

2) HSBC :


Please do not hesitate to contact these financial advisors to study with them the possibility to get a loan.

  • Angoulême is a charming city, close to Bordeaux, La Rochelle, Atlantic Ocean and 1h50 minutes to Paris by high speed train. Cost of living is moderate and you will enjoy the Charente and Aquitaine Region.
  • Airbus Flight Academy Training Programme

Customer benefits:

  • The Airbus flight training programme focuses on key points:
    • Competency-based training & assessment programme: prioritises the development & assessment of the fundamental pilot competencies;
    • Course designed to produce operationally-ready pilots: for smooth integration from the training environment to the operational environment;
    • Optimised training curriculum to provide progressive cost-effective training for the individual;
    • Early access to Airbus training philosophy, standards & programmes;
    • Grading following a structured competency based assessment system;
    • UPRT training is fully integrated into the full training curriculum;
    • Airbus up-to-date programmes to latest fleet & regulatory standards;
    • Optional licence conversion course.
Why to be trained by us
Why to be trained by us
Why to be trained by us

Project founded by Nouvelle Aquitaine Region