Cassidian Aviation Training Services
Base Aérienne 709 16100 Cognac
N°TVA : 60449370170

We are recruiting

TKI (Theoretical Knowledge Instructor)


Job description:

Deliver theoretical knowledge courses in English to the airline pilots’ cadets (ATPL and foreign trainees civils and/or militaries)


Missions :

  • Prepare the trainees to the ATPL tests
  • Teach in English the ATPL technology courses (air law, forecast, general air traffic, IFR – VFR communications…), 2 to 3 subjects on the 14
  • Prepare the courses materials and the documents to give to the trainees
  • Update the monitoring indicators
  • Advice and support the trainees during the pratical activities
  • Supervise the progression books and give a feedback to the CTKI


Candidate’s profile:

  • Have the baccalauréat + 2 years’s higher education
  • Have a very good level in English and French
  • Have some listening skills
  • Have some good adaptability abilities
  • Have a good contact and client’s service
  • An aeronautical experience in an ATO would be good
  • Have a Theoretical ATPL
  • The knowledge of the subjects 031/032/033 or/and 021/022/040 would be appreciated
  • Have an experience in general air law, in engineering, or in military aviation


Workplace: Angoulême

Employee status: Permanent employment contract

Date of employment: 02/01/2020

Salary: Depends on the skills and experience