Airbus Flight Academy Europe
Base Aérienne 709 16100 Cognac
N°TVA : 60449370170
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Our background

Our backgroundOur backgroundOur backgroundOur background

Airbus Flight Academy ensures, since 2006, its own fleet management (line and base maintenance, CAMO, supply chain…) of Grob 120 training aircraft. These aircraft are operated by the Pilot Training School of the French Air force at Cognac airbase.

Since 2012, Airbus Flight Academy also ensures these services for the Embraer Xingu fleet for the benefit of the Military Transport Pilot Training School at Avord airbase and for the French Navy at Lann Bihoué Naval airbase.

Base maintenance is organized according to the company approvals as “per flight hour airworthiness management services” proposed to all CIRRUS aircraft owners who are expecting a unique interface for the management of their aeronautical assets.

These activities can be proposed on request and on-site, for example radio instruments ground test including, if required, flight test for validation. Its “Operations Department” achieves acceptance flights but also ferry flights or any other foreground aeronautical expertise that can be managed by Airbus Flight Academy.

Every aircraft under the Airbus Flight Academy responsibility is maintained in the best conditions by technical experts in a secured, controlled and modern environment

Airbus Flight Academy provides to the French Air Academy (« Ecole de l’Air ») at Salon de Provence airbase and to the « flottille 50S » at Lanvéoc Naval airbase, an Airbus Flight Academy owned fleet of 26 Cirrus SR20 and SR22 maintained by the company and available on customer requests.

Airbus Flight Academy ensures also the Fleet management of the French Navy CAP10 and of the French Air force D140 aircraft.

Since its creation, Airbus Flight Academy has delivered more than 400 000 Flight hours to the French armed forces and supports every day more than 101 aircrafts, including 47 self-owned, with a mission success rate of more than 99%.

In addition, Airbus Flight Academy provides to the French Air Force, three approved flight trainers FNPT-II (Flight and Navigation Procedure Trainer) and support four FNPT-II owned by FAF. These assets allow, in the frame of CPL IR training, to replace flight hours by simulator hours.

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