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Next on-site screening session on March 3rd 2021!

The next on-site screening will take place in Angoulême on March 3rd 2021!

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Phase 2 : sélection sur sitePhase 3 : évaluation de confirmation du pilote

Screening process

To join our Airbus Flight Academy you will have to pass through a Pilot Screening Process which insure you the best chance of success during the training phase.

The screening is a 3 step process:

To apply to our programme, you will need to fulfill the following pre-requisites:

  • Min 18 years of age
  • High School diploma
  • English (equivalent to ICAO level 3 – the certificate is not required, your English level will be assessed during the on-site screening)
  • Medical Class 1 Certificate (only required after completion of On-site Assessment)


Required equipment : Computer/laptop with internet access, keyboard and mouse, audio headphones

Location : Anywhere (not on-site)

Fee : 40 USD (to be paid online with a VISA card)



Candidates who pass the Online Assessment will then be invited to an On-site Assessment which includes:

Aptitude test : Eye/hand/foot coordination / eye-hand coordination /Short term memory/Mental arithmetic (Maths) /Orientation /Multi-tasking /Mental agility/English assessment, verbal reasoning, Physics technical test

Personality test : Group exercises and individual interview: Successful candidates will then undergo group exercises and an interview to ascertain their motivation and further assess English level

Simulator assessment : 

  • Demonstrate ability to progress in a new environment
  • Workload management
  • Situation awareness
  • Visual scan & coordination
  • Mathematics (mental arithmetic)

Equipment : Provided

Location : Angoulême - France

Fee : 300 € to be paid via bank transfer one week before the on-site assessment

Phase 3 : Pilot confirmation assessment


Applicant who pass the onsite screening are invited to join the Airbus Flight Academy as Cadet. The course starts with the core course preceding the Pilot Confirmation Assessment.

After 51 hours of technical knowledge classroom training and 17 training flight hours performed in our flight school in Angoulême on Cirrus SR20, the last flight hour is an in-flight evaluation.

At the end of this phase Cadet has a prognostic for his/her potential success.

Equipment : Provided

Location : Angoulême - France

Please find below the link for the online assessment. You will be able to create your account directly on the website and to pay the assessment fee with a debit or credit card in order to start the test. This test will take approximately 20 minutes.

Please note that this on-line Airbus & Symbiotics screening assessment is open worldwide via the below link, with Google Chrome:

Apply now

Should you have further questions about the programme, please contact us or visit Initio

Hope to welcome you on board soon !

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